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Duplex bag packing machine

Duplex bag packing machine


Product explanation

As a new generation bag filling machine self-designed and -developed by this factory, workable in a series of filling, duplex bag making, sealed line cutting, date inking, easy tear-off mouth forming and counting, automatically in the whole process, high effective and sanitary. The temperature of the electronic temperature controlled hot-sealing device can be preset and accurately controlled, ensuring the sealing quality and suitable for multiple packing materials. The electronic detecting system features stable and reliable and can effectively avoid any waste of the packing material. This machine is of an uniquely structure, a generous outlook and all the portion contacted with the material are made of stainless steel and non-toxic material, conforming with the sanitary requirements for food and pharmacy packing, and the bag filled products are of a nice appearance, sanitary and reliable. Really an ideal equipment for the production of bag filled goods in a large scale.